Essence of a woman pt 4

She’s flawless like a pitcher that threw a no hitter.

Classy like a business suit that’s fitted just right.

Communication isn’t an issue because when she speaks she’s authentic.

Loyality is important to her.

Opportunity comes when she least expects it, when it does she takes advantage of it.

Her heart is passionate like words that flows like the ocean.

Genuine to the point where you don’t have to question her sincerity.

Soft spoken like Mya Angelou.

Compassionate during tough times.

Romantic like a scented candle.

Attentive like Sherlock Holmes.

Sensual like Hips & Curves.

No matter what she’s been through she still remains secure with herself.

Being around her she’ll make you feel safe and in good hands like Allstate.

Her inward nature is invariable, inevitable, and impressionable.

The essence of a woman is well grounded.



                                                       Derick Bryant



8 thoughts on “Essence of a woman pt 4

  1. The first line cought me right away and made me smile. The poem is well written and u have a very keen mind. My favorite line is “Romantice as a scented candle waiting to be explored.” I think in life that’s what most women are wanting. Waiting for the right man to light the wick and allow her true purpose to come threw to let her shine in all her glory and be appreciated. The line with allstate had me laughing out loud I loved it I didn’t see it coming. Truly a remarkable poem!!

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