Beauty is skin deep

Beauty runs deep.

There’s more to a lady than just a pretty face.

I feel that true beauty comes from within.

The quality of beauty creates diversions in my mind.

It all begins with confidence.

Any woman of enthnicity is beautiful.

It’s an essence.

Intelligence is an element of being beautiful.

Personality makes a difference.

But classiness can define you as elegant.

Beauty and feminine grace is written in a woman’s walk.

Each dainty step is like epic poetry.

And I want to write down every word, if only to capture your essence for a moment.

It’s in her posture, and in her stance.

There is no greater compliment to beauty.

To me inner beauty is captivating.

A lady is a perfectly wonderful creature, made by God.

Her distinctive style is amazing.

To be beautiful is to let the soul become invisible.

Beauty expresses itself differently in each women.

The way a woman carries herself with dignity is important.

Your mind is another part of you that makes you unique.

The beauty of a woman signifies artistry.

Say it with pride.

Being beautiful doesn’t necessarily have to be drop dead gorgeous it’s all about how you see yourself.



                                                                                                                                                                                        Derick Bryant