I live for today

On May 7, 1977 my life began.

I was told by the doctors that I would never be able to walk again, and that I have spina bifida.

Hearing that didn’t discourage me it made me realize the way God created me.

I’ve overcame a lot of challenges.

I lost family members, close friends, my dog (Tangi) and most of all my brother. (Rondelle)

I give my deepest gratitude to my parents for raising me, and teaching me the values of life.

I would love to bring those back that were a part of my life, but that’s just wishful thinking.

I live for today, not tomorrow, or yesterday.

Dealing with close minded, shallow, and self centered people don’t faze me.

No matter what I go through, how hard life gets I still manage to keep a smile on my face.

Waking up everyday motivates me to accomplish my goals.

I thrive off passion, character, integrity, and intelligence.

Living my life day in and day out makes me who I am today.

This poem is for those that’s going to something in life, in a relationship, or hard times.

I withstood a lot, broke down barriers, and will continue to break down barriers.

I overcame a lot and so can you.

Stay strong and be strong!!!!!


5 thoughts on “I live for today

  1. You are always very upbeat and positive thank you for sharing the gift that God has blessed you with. Keep smiling :-}

  2. Derick, you are truly an inspiration. You allow others into your world through poems and speak for them when they may not have a voice. Someone may be reading your work and become encouraged and motivated to overcome their challenges they may face. Even though you were faced with many obstacles, you have overcame them gracefully and remained very humble. You motivate others to live for today! Keep up the great work. Stay blessed! 🙂

  3. *tears* An inspiration to all who are going through some heavy obstacles… You the reason why I smile every day! Your words, your attitude, your personality makes me ‘thankful’ to have such an inspiring MAN in my life! Kisses n hugs

  4. Ur smile and eyes show us what a superb man you are. Your always smiling and getting things done everyday. Your stronger than anyone I know that doesn’t have a disability. I wish ur ethusiasm for life could be carried out to touch evvery one. Maybe then the world would be a better place. I belive you have touched everyones life in some shape or form that u have met. I’m truly glad you are a friend. Your a true insperation!! Xxxx

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