I live for today

On May 7, 1977 my life began.

I was told by the doctors that I would never be able to walk again, and that I have spina bifida.

Hearing that didn’t discourage me it made me realize the way God created me.

I’ve overcame a lot of challenges.

I lost family members, close friends, my dog (Tangi) and most of all my brother. (Rondelle)

I give my deepest gratitude to my parents for raising me, and teaching me the values of life.

I would love to bring those back that were a part of my life, but that’s just wishful thinking.

I live for today, not tomorrow, or yesterday.

Dealing with close minded, shallow, and self centered people don’t faze me.

No matter what I go through, how hard life gets I still manage to keep a smile on my face.

Waking up everyday motivates me to accomplish my goals.

I thrive off passion, character, integrity, and intelligence.

Living my life day in and day out makes me who I am today.

This poem is for those that’s going to something in life, in a relationship, or hard times.

I withstood a lot, broke down barriers, and will continue to break down barriers.

I overcame a lot and so can you.

Stay strong and be strong!!!!!