Essence of a woman pt 3

The nature of a woman is captured by atmosphere.

Feminine attributes are like diversed poetry.

God created a gift, exuding characteristics of value that encompass passion, and a heart burning with fire and desire.

Exhibits herself like a Vincent Van Gough illustration.

Splashing colors of trustworthiness, sincerity, expressing art in the rawest form.

She’s modest when it comes to the importance of life which is responsibility, identifying the pros and cons, and the ability to know the difference.

Her intuition is to never let a man disrespect, degrade, and abuse her.

Uncondional love means more to her than material things.

Wisdom comes with knowledge which leads to an exchanting mind.

Acknowledging her priorities so she can experience the joy and possibilities life has to offer.

When seizing the moment she molds her day around meaningfulness, rather than frivolous antics.

From size 2 and beyond 18, she moves with the stride of an innovative beauty queen.

She shows love without judging, she can sense feelings where no words are involved.

A woman’s eyes indicate that she’s passionate about life.

Staying true to the woman that she is her essence is by far exceptional.



                                                                                                     Derick Bryant


3 thoughts on “Essence of a woman pt 3

  1. I love your work. The metaphors you use to express yourself blow me away. Especially your comparison to a woman and art, you know that’s one of my favorite things in the world :o)… It is an honor to know such a great writer as a friend :o)…. Thank you so much for sharing your gift!!!

  2. Parts 1-4 of this piece tell me that someone had a wonderful Mother to raise them, and teach them about a woman, and the respect of that thereof. This is an extremely intense expression of respect for a woman who respects herself…knows herself… loves herself.

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