Essence of a woman pt 2


A pattern makes up a woman.

Persistence leads to determination.

Her soul comes from the heart.

She defines courage by being brave.

Being articulate signifies her tone when she speaks.

When dressing conservative taking pride in her appearance means that she exudes a confidence unlike any the world has ever seen.

She walks graciously with a commanding presence that only a perceptive man can see.

Her finesse is profession like a resume that is carefully being reveiwed.

Without second guessing herself she knows who she is inside.

Portraying her work of art like a woman should goes to show that she respects her body.

In times of trouble, she is nurturing, her strength in hard times calms the spirit and soothes the soul.

Her stride is silent like a pin drop.

A woman is the epitome of beginnings, and givers of life.

Having values and morals is important in becoming a woman.

Perseverance drives her in everyday life despite adversity.

Patience is essential.

Understanding shows compassion.

Without saying a word she’s quiet and reserved.

Does this describe your essence?

An essence of a woman is all around.



                                            Derick Bryant



4 thoughts on “Essence of a woman pt 2

  1. Hi derick, I am really enjoying these readings they arewonderful. i find it so refreshing how you can express what you feel is or know from experience becuase its not always easy to put on paper what you really feel, sometimes things are hard to describe but you do it very well and i can tell all your work is very through and thought out and not everyone takes their time like this. so i commend you on your work and please keep it up i really appreciate how you allow your mind and heart to speak to you and how you finesse your work. a true passion filled and loving caring man of God. Im glad i had the chance to read your work, please keep it up. smiles!!! God Bless!

  2. Part II, all I can say is WOW! You know how I feel about your work, your feelings, your passion. I, of course, would of love if you had read this to me :-)… I love your passion, Dimplicious!

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