Essence of a woman pt 1

The essnece of a woman is a lady that is indepth.

Her exotic look is appealing.

She is devine.

Fine like a glass  of sparkling wine.

Exquisite like a painting.

Soft like mahogany.

Smooth like velvet.

Lovely like a swan.

You’re natural like a rose.

The mind of a woman is the essential part of having a beautiful mind.

Having stability is part of being a woman.

Honesty is another quality that a woman posses.

Being mature goes beyond age, it’s about her attitude, and how she carries herself.

The essence of a woman is in her spirit.

It’s in her smile, and in her eyes.

Are you sexy without effort?

Are you a woman of God?

The true essence is in her abilities

Respect goes a long way.

See her appeal.

When she’s given a compliment she takes it in a humbled way.

An essence of a woman is an individual that is in tune with herself.



                                                                                    Derick Bryant



4 thoughts on “Essence of a woman pt 1

  1. wow i really like what you are writing, you explain what is on your mind about a woman and how she carries herself. i believe its a beatiful thing when we notice what others dont about themselves because thtas naturakl but i really enjoyed your poems. keep it up and i know you can only get better at it. take care God Bless!! -sarah

  2. I am feeling ESSENCE of a WOMAN. A description of how a REAL Man sees a TRUE Woman. This poem shows the WOMAN that you dream of. The WOMAN that you are looking for.
    Thank you for sharing your words, your passion, your feelings with me. You are Mr INNER PASSION a very talented handsome man. I hope & pray that you continue what you love to do. And I know that when you find your ESSENCE of a WOMAN, she will inspire you to create more beautiful masterpieces… Once again, thank you…. Mwah!

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