Essence of a woman pt 3

The nature of a woman is captured by atmosphere.

Feminine attributes are like diversed poetry.

God created a gift, exuding characteristics of value that encompass passion, and a heart burning with fire and desire.

Exhibits herself like a Vincent Van Gough illustration.

Splashing colors of trustworthiness, sincerity, expressing art in the rawest form.

She’s modest when it comes to the importance of life which is responsibility, identifying the pros and cons, and the ability to know the difference.

Her intuition is to never let a man disrespect, degrade, and abuse her.

Uncondional love means more to her than material things.

Wisdom comes with knowledge which leads to an exchanting mind.

Acknowledging her priorities so she can experience the joy and possibilities life has to offer.

When seizing the moment she molds her day around meaningfulness, rather than frivolous antics.

From size 2 and beyond 18, she moves with the stride of an innovative beauty queen.

She shows love without judging, she can sense feelings where no words are involved.

A woman’s eyes indicate that she’s passionate about life.

Staying true to the woman that she is her essence is by far exceptional.



                                                                                                     Derick Bryant


Essence of a woman pt 2


A pattern makes up a woman.

Persistence leads to determination.

Her soul comes from the heart.

She defines courage by being brave.

Being articulate signifies her tone when she speaks.

When dressing conservative taking pride in her appearance means that she exudes a confidence unlike any the world has ever seen.

She walks graciously with a commanding presence that only a perceptive man can see.

Her finesse is profession like a resume that is carefully being reveiwed.

Without second guessing herself she knows who she is inside.

Portraying her work of art like a woman should goes to show that she respects her body.

In times of trouble, she is nurturing, her strength in hard times calms the spirit and soothes the soul.

Her stride is silent like a pin drop.

A woman is the epitome of beginnings, and givers of life.

Having values and morals is important in becoming a woman.

Perseverance drives her in everyday life despite adversity.

Patience is essential.

Understanding shows compassion.

Without saying a word she’s quiet and reserved.

Does this describe your essence?

An essence of a woman is all around.



                                            Derick Bryant


Essence of a woman pt 1

The essnece of a woman is a lady that is indepth.

Her exotic look is appealing.

She is devine.

Fine like a glass  of sparkling wine.

Exquisite like a painting.

Soft like mahogany.

Smooth like velvet.

Lovely like a swan.

You’re natural like a rose.

The mind of a woman is the essential part of having a beautiful mind.

Having stability is part of being a woman.

Honesty is another quality that a woman posses.

Being mature goes beyond age, it’s about her attitude, and how she carries herself.

The essence of a woman is in her spirit.

It’s in her smile, and in her eyes.

Are you sexy without effort?

Are you a woman of God?

The true essence is in her abilities

Respect goes a long way.

See her appeal.

When she’s given a compliment she takes it in a humbled way.

An essence of a woman is an individual that is in tune with herself.



                                                                                    Derick Bryant